Our Snacks

  • Meat Pies
    Meat Pies ₦250

    The Best Meat Pies Ever!

  • Chicken Pie
    Chicken Pie ₦250

    A small chicken snack!

  • Hot Dog Salad Rolls
    Hot Dog Salad Rolls ₦250

    A healthy blend of meat and vegetables.

  • Doughnuts
    Doughnuts ₦150

    Your classic doughnuts, but better.

  • Sausage Rolls
    Sausage Rolls ₦200

    The best sausage rolls in Nigeria

  • Pineapple Bread
    Pineapple Bread ₦150

    A sweet blend of pineapple and bread.

  • Coconut Thrill
    Coconut Thrill ₦150

    Striking, sensational and scrumptious...

  • Sandwiches
    Sandwiches ₦200

    A delicious sandwich made by us.

  • Samosa
    Samosa ₦100.00

    A triangular savoury pastry.

  • Spring Rolls
    Spring Rolls ₦100.00

    A Chinese snack made of vegetables.

  • Shawarma
    Shawarma ₦1,000.00

    A doner kebab made of meat and vegetables.

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream ₦400.00

    The best Ice Cream in Nigeria